SCSB District Golf - Saturday, August 11, 2018

2018 Masters Tour - Conditions of Competition

We are updating our Masters' Tour player contact database.
To receive Masters' Tour notices and results, players are encouraged to send their contact details (phone number, email address and home club) to masters@scsbdga.com.au.

The next rounds are at:

3rd September @ Kilcoy - Phone: 5497 2388.
17th September @ Bribie Island - Phone: 3408 2484.

2018 Inter-District Challenge Team Defeats Wide Bay

Director Golf - Sunday, July 15, 2018

Congratulations to the Sunshine Coast and South Burnett District Golf Association team that defeated Wide Bay today (Sunday 15 July) by 13.5 matches to 11.5.

The Wide Bay Inter-District Challenge is a team match play event (18 holes) and each Division consists of the following players to form the District Team of 25 players:
5x Division 1 5x Division 2 5x Masters 5x Junior 5x Women
The District with the most points (1 point for a match win, ½ point for all square) is awarded the annual trophy. The SC&SBDGA team has been very successful since the inception of this event and has won six times and drawn once.

Division 1: Matt Gill, Dylan Gardner, Jake Crowther, Jordan McDonald, Richard Buczynsky.

Division 2: Greg Nord, James Dundas, Greg Toohey, Gordon Wragge, Phil Stern.

Masters: Graham Hourn, Allard Bernhofen, Alan Mullan, Peter Hannah, Rob Hewitt.

Juniors: George Giblett, Bailey Murchie, Jordan Rooke, Teeren Kannan, Kyros Hayden.

Masters Tour - Caboolture 2 Day Event

Director Golf - Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Stbfd Pts
WINNER John Woodward (Murgon) 77
Runner-up Pat Cook 72
MEN'S DIVISION 1 Handicap: 11 & lower
Winner David Brown (Caboolture) 71
Runner-up Geoff Drummond (Caboolture) 69
MEN'S DIVISION 2 Handicap: 12 to 17
Winner Allan Eyears (Caboolture) 70
Runner-up Trefor Jones (Caboolture) 68
MEN'S DIVISION 3 Handicap: 18 & above
Winner Gary Windle (Caboolture) 71
Runner-up John Martin (Caboolture) 66
Winner Phyl Stines (Caboolture) 73
Runner-up Jan Palmer (Caboolture) 64
Third Dorothy Retschlag (Caboolture) 63

2018 District Junior Boys' Championship - Results

Director Golf - Monday, June 18, 2018

94 players from 31 clubs.


OPEN CHAMPION Tyler Duncan (Caboolture)
CLOSED CHAMPION Tyler Duncan (Caboolture)
Open Nett Winner Geoffrey Spain (Southport) 62

DIVISION 1: Handicap 8 and under.

Gross Winner Bailey Murchie (Maroochy River) 73 c/b
Gross Runner-up Bailey Arnott (Caloundra) 73
Nett Winner Zac Harrison (Mt Warren Park) 70 c/b
Nett Runner-up Teeren Kannan (Pelican Waters) 70

DIVISION 2: Handicap 9 and over.

Gross Winner Brock Armitage (Pelican Waters) 78
Gross Runner-up Kooper Tonga (Pine Rivers) 81
Nett Winner Billy Muldoon (Coolangatta Tweed) 67
Nett Runner-up Marcus Carlson (Royal Queensland) 68

Masters Tour - Wondai/Kingaroy - 2 Day Event Results

Director Golf - Wednesday, June 06, 2018


Stbfd Pts
WINNER Dean Pilgrim (Wondai) 74
Runner-up Lucky Andrews (Kingaroy) 70
MEN'S DIVISION 1 Handicap: 11 & lower
Winner Franko Ferrante (Bribie Island) 70
Runner-up Barry Dionysius (Kingaroy) 69
MEN'S DIVISION 2 Handicap: 12 to 17
Winner Greg Nord (Kingaroy) 69 ocb
Runner-up Geoff Cook (Wondai) 69
MEN'S DIVISION 3 Handicap: 18 & above
Winner Barry Dawson (Wantima) 70
Runner-up John Woodward (Murgon) 69
Winner Sue Pottle (Kingaroy) 78
Runner-up Shirley McDougall (Nanango) 72
Third Di Hetherington (Murgon) 67

2018 District Mid-Amateur and Senior Championship Results

Director Golf - Monday, May 07, 2018

144 players from 35 clubs.

MID-AMATEUR CHAMPION Dean Dunleavy (Redcliffe) 143 (1-over)
SENIOR CHAMPION Barry Bowditch (Mt Coolum) 155 (13-over)
Mid-Am Nett Winner Scott Mayes (Mt Coolum) 142
Senior Nett Winner Peter Lawrence (Twin Waters) 138
36 Hole Gross Winner Gary Lengren (Caloundra) 148 c/b
36 Hole Gross Runner-up Tony Summerfeldt (Redcliffe) 148
36 Hole Nett Winner Adam Currie (Headland) 145
36 Nett Runner-up Jan Johnston (Beerwah) 146
Day 1 Gross Winner Dean Dunleavy (Redcliffe) 69
Day 1 Gross Runner-up Dan O'Connor (Beerwah) 72
Day 1 Nett Winner Todd Spratt (St Michael's) 70
Day 1 Nett Runner-up James Kidd (Headland) 71 c/b
Day 2 Gross Winner Gary Lengren (Caloundra) 71
Day 2 Gross Runner-up Tony Summerfeldt (Redcliffe) 72 c/b
Day 2 Nett Winner Brendan Drew (Gympie) 71
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Craig Boal (Wantima) 72 c/b
36 Hole Gross Winner Peter Wouters (Caloundra) 148 c/b
36 Hole Gross Runner-up Graham Hourn (Kingaroy) 148
36 Hole Nett Winner Robert Candosin (Caloundra) 145
36 Nett Runner-up Jason McWilliam (Toowoomba) 146
Day 1 Gross Winner Graham Hourn (Kingaroy) 71
Day 1 Gross Runner-up David Duncan (Windaroo Lakes) 76
Day 1 Nett Winner Jason McWilliam (Toowoomba) 69
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Carl Chamberlain (Hills) 71 c/b
Day 2 Gross Winner Brett Ritchie (Hervey Bay) 71 c/b
Day 2 Gross Runner-up Peter Wouters (Caloundra) 71
Day 2 Nett Winner Scott Mayes (Mt Coolum) 70
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Darren Anderson (Bundaberg) 71 c/b
SENIOR DIVISION: Aged 55 years and over
36 Hole Gross Runner-up Tony Lawrence (Caloundra) 159
36 Nett Runner-up Jim Synnott (Caloundra) 139
Day 1 Gross Winner Barry Bowditch (Mt Coolum) 74
Day 1 Gross Runner-up Kevin Clues (Caloundra) 76
Day 1 Nett Winner Peter Lawrence (Twin Waters) 67
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Russell Michael (Caloundra) 68
Day 2 Gross Winner Steve Weir (Peregian) 77
Day 2 Gross Runner-up Dave Reid (Peregian) 79 c/b
Day 2 Nett Winner Jim Synnott (Caloundra) 69
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Andrew Wills (Beerwah) 71 c/b

Players can collect their prizes (Pro Shop vouchers) from Caloundra Golf Club.

District Junior Novice Event - Results

SCSB District Golf - Sunday, May 06, 2018

Maleny Golf Club hosted the 2nd Junior Novice event today for 50 boys and girls from across South-East Queensland. This event is for beginner junior golfers with and without official golf handicaps. The focus of the day is for the kids to have a FUN day while playing in a friendly competitive environment. Shaun O'Hara (Director of Junior Golf) and Terry Ward (Secretary/Treasurer) did a fantastic job organising the main event and were on hand to make sure the kids (and their parents) were well fed with a BBQ Sausage Sizzle.

9 Hole Prizes:

  • Gross Winner - Harry Price
  • Gross Runner-up - Jack Jones
  • Nett Winner - Rico Tuson
  • Nett Runner-up - Thomas O'Neill
  • Special Award - Zac Heading

6 Hole Prizes:

  • Gross Winner - Samuel Wilson
  • Gross Runner-up - Cooper Robertson
  • Nett Winner - Charlie Simm
  • Nett Runner-up - Shae Cociylan
  • Special Award - Sol Augustyniak

Check out the girls' results on the District Women's website.

2018 Masters' Tour - Round 1 @ Blackbutt - Results

Director Golf - Monday, April 30, 2018
Runner-up Ray Forster (Nanango) 41
MEN'S DIVISION 1 Handicap: 11 & lower
Winner Noel Dowdle (Murgon) 39
Runner-up Graham Hourn (Kingaroy) 37
MEN'S DIVISION 2 Handicap: 12 to 17
Winner Bob Holmes (Blackbutt) 40
Runner-up Bill Bool (Blackbutt) 40
MEN'S DIVISION 3 Handicap: 18 & above
Winner Ray Murray (Kingaroy) 36 ocb
Runner-up Barry Richardson (Blackbutt) 36
Winner ROBIN HALL (Maleny) 37
Runner-up Wendy Harris (Goomeri) 36
Third Lorraine Kerrin (Wondai) 35


Director Golf - Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Parent Behaviour at Junior Events

SCSB District Golf - Friday, March 16, 2018

This is a reminder to everyone involved with Junior Golf – players, caddies, managers, officials, parents, spectators – to assist in delivering a safe and positive environment to everyone involved in the game.


Within that safe environment, every participant has the best chance to enjoy the game – and especially for the kids, it is a GAME.


All adults at Junior Events are encouraged and expected to:

  • display positive acts of sportsmanship;
  • never behave aggressively or intimidatingly to others;
  • never ridicule or scorn a player for making a mistake – respect their efforts;
  • demonstrate respect to all;
  • lead by positive example; and
  • understand that sport is a part of a total life experience, and the benefits of involvement go far beyond the final score of a game.


Each year, many of the children and their parents/caddies are new to the game of golf and are not aware of all the rules, regulations and etiquette involved. The more experienced people are expected to show patience and take the time to politely explain rules and situations - before they arise, if possible. If there is any doubt regarding a ruling, please contact the host team’s course official to request clarification of the situation or a decision, instead of arguing with the player, parent, or opposing team.


Remember that children participate for their OWN enjoyment, not yours!