Parent Behaviour at Junior Events

Friday, March 16, 2018

This is a reminder to everyone involved with Junior Golf – players, caddies, managers, officials, parents, spectators – to assist in delivering a safe and positive environment to everyone involved in the game.


Within that safe environment, every participant has the best chance to enjoy the game – and especially for the kids, it is a GAME.


All adults at Junior Events are encouraged and expected to:

  • display positive acts of sportsmanship;
  • never behave aggressively or intimidatingly to others;
  • never ridicule or scorn a player for making a mistake – respect their efforts;
  • demonstrate respect to all;
  • lead by positive example; and
  • understand that sport is a part of a total life experience, and the benefits of involvement go far beyond the final score of a game.


Each year, many of the children and their parents/caddies are new to the game of golf and are not aware of all the rules, regulations and etiquette involved. The more experienced people are expected to show patience and take the time to politely explain rules and situations - before they arise, if possible. If there is any doubt regarding a ruling, please contact the host team’s course official to request clarification of the situation or a decision, instead of arguing with the player, parent, or opposing team.


Remember that children participate for their OWN enjoyment, not yours!