2021 District Senior and Mid-Am Championships - Enter Now

SCSB District Golf - Sunday, March 07, 2021

The Sunshine Coast, Glasshouse Mountains and South Burnett District
Senior and Mid-Amateur Men's Championships are on this Sunday!

The Championships are open to all male players
over the age of 30 years from any District Golf Association.

Enter now to win a share of up to $10,000 in prizes!!

Gross and Nett Champions in both age divisions will win $500
as well as free entry to all SCSBDGA Championships for the rest of 2021.



The Bribie Island Golf Course was created on the natural sand dunes of Bribie Island which provides a wonderful growing medium for our lush fairways as well as ideal drainage. With natural bushland setting the course offers all the playing experience of a sandbelt course. The course provides an 18 hole, par 72 layout with well grassed undulating fairways and superb greens. It is an easy walking course with plenty of challenges for all players.

(inc. $5 clubhouse voucher)


2019 Australian Amateur Rankings - SCSBDGA Players

SCSB District Golf - Monday, December 02, 2019

Golf Australia's Order of Merit system publishes player rankings in several categories. Congratulation to the following players from our District for their excellent play throughout 2019 and high ranking in Australia.

Australian Boys' Ranking:

  • No. 1 - Tyler Duncan (Caboolture)
  • No. 5 - Jordan Rooke (Wantima)
  • No. 13 - Bailey Arnott (Caloundra)
  • No. 33 - Blaike Perkins (Pelican Waters)

Australian Men's Ranking:

  • No. 14 - Lochie Coleborn (Mt Coolum)
  • No. 17 - Dylan Gardner (Pelican Waters)
  • No. 18 - Chris Crabtree (Pelican Waters)
  • No. 27 - Joel Stahlhut (Pelican Waters)
  • No. 49 - Justin Morley (Pelican Waters)

Australian Senior Men's Ranking:

  • No. 7 - Peter Hannah (Pelican Waters)

Australian Girls' Ranking:

  • No. 2 - Cassie Porter (Peregian)
  • No. 8 - Justice Bosio (Caboolture)

Australian Women's Ranking:

  • No. 5 - Cassie Porter (Peregian)
  • No. 7 - Sarah Wilson (Pelican Waters)
  • No. 37 - Rhianna Lewis (Pelican Waters)

Australian Senior Women's Ranking:

  • No. 7 - Josie Ryan (Headland)
  • No. 10 - Wendy O'Connell (Wantima)
  • No. 23 - Colette Pascoe (Maroochy River)
  • No. 27 - Robyn Puckett (Noosa Springs)

2019 District Masters' Tour

Director Golf - Tuesday, July 16, 2019

District Masters Events for 2019

Director Golf - Monday, June 10, 2019

For golfers 50 years and over, the SC&SBDGA offers two distinctly different series of events:

  • District Masters' Tour:
    • 7 Events across the Glasshouse Mountains, South Burnett and Sunshine Coast Zones.
    • Open to all Men and Women (over 50 years).
    • All events are Single Stableford.
    • $15 Entry (golf).
    • 10am Shotgun Start.
    • Best 4 Tour scores qualifies for Player of the Year trophies.
    • Generous prizes and ball rundown for all events.
    • Fun-filled Presentation Day at Bribie Island.
  • District Inter-Zone Team Challenges:
    • 4 Events that pit teams of our 3 zones against each other:
      • All events have 20 Zone Representative players per team.
      • 10am Shotgun Start.
      • $25 entry (includes golf and lunch).
      • Generous prizes to winning team!
    • Zone Representatives are selected and invited by their Zone Team Manager:
      • Glasshouse Mountains - Ian Good.
      • South Burnett - Noel Dowdle.
      • Sunshine Coast - Graeme Finn.
    • The first 3 events are handicap match play team challenges:
      • Sunshine Coast v South Burnett at Gympie - Tuesday 28th May
      • Glasshouse Mountains v South Burnett at Kilcoy - Saturday 12th October
      • Glasshouse Mountains v Sunshine Coast at Maleny - Tuesday 22nd October
    • The final event for the year is the Stableford Team Challenge:
      • GM v SB v SC at Cooroy Golf Club - Tuesday 19th November.
      • 18 hole - Team Single Stableford.
      • Generous prizes to the winning team!
      • Generous prizes to best stableford scores.

    The next District Masters' Tour event is coming up soon at Caboolture Golf Club on 8th July. So, come along and check out the Tour!

2018 District Mid-Amateur and Senior Championship Results

Director Golf - Monday, May 07, 2018

144 players from 35 clubs.

MID-AMATEUR CHAMPION Dean Dunleavy (Redcliffe) 143 (1-over)
SENIOR CHAMPION Barry Bowditch (Mt Coolum) 155 (13-over)
Mid-Am Nett Winner Scott Mayes (Mt Coolum) 142
Senior Nett Winner Peter Lawrence (Twin Waters) 138
36 Hole Gross Winner Gary Lengren (Caloundra) 148 c/b
36 Hole Gross Runner-up Tony Summerfeldt (Redcliffe) 148
36 Hole Nett Winner Adam Currie (Headland) 145
36 Nett Runner-up Jan Johnston (Beerwah) 146
Day 1 Gross Winner Dean Dunleavy (Redcliffe) 69
Day 1 Gross Runner-up Dan O'Connor (Beerwah) 72
Day 1 Nett Winner Todd Spratt (St Michael's) 70
Day 1 Nett Runner-up James Kidd (Headland) 71 c/b
Day 2 Gross Winner Gary Lengren (Caloundra) 71
Day 2 Gross Runner-up Tony Summerfeldt (Redcliffe) 72 c/b
Day 2 Nett Winner Brendan Drew (Gympie) 71
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Craig Boal (Wantima) 72 c/b
36 Hole Gross Winner Peter Wouters (Caloundra) 148 c/b
36 Hole Gross Runner-up Graham Hourn (Kingaroy) 148
36 Hole Nett Winner Robert Candosin (Caloundra) 145
36 Nett Runner-up Jason McWilliam (Toowoomba) 146
Day 1 Gross Winner Graham Hourn (Kingaroy) 71
Day 1 Gross Runner-up David Duncan (Windaroo Lakes) 76
Day 1 Nett Winner Jason McWilliam (Toowoomba) 69
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Carl Chamberlain (Hills) 71 c/b
Day 2 Gross Winner Brett Ritchie (Hervey Bay) 71 c/b
Day 2 Gross Runner-up Peter Wouters (Caloundra) 71
Day 2 Nett Winner Scott Mayes (Mt Coolum) 70
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Darren Anderson (Bundaberg) 71 c/b
SENIOR DIVISION: Aged 55 years and over
36 Hole Gross Runner-up Tony Lawrence (Caloundra) 159
36 Nett Runner-up Jim Synnott (Caloundra) 139
Day 1 Gross Winner Barry Bowditch (Mt Coolum) 74
Day 1 Gross Runner-up Kevin Clues (Caloundra) 76
Day 1 Nett Winner Peter Lawrence (Twin Waters) 67
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Russell Michael (Caloundra) 68
Day 2 Gross Winner Steve Weir (Peregian) 77
Day 2 Gross Runner-up Dave Reid (Peregian) 79 c/b
Day 2 Nett Winner Jim Synnott (Caloundra) 69
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Andrew Wills (Beerwah) 71 c/b

Players can collect their prizes (Pro Shop vouchers) from Caloundra Golf Club.

2017 District Mid-Am and Senior Championships - Results

SCSB District Golf - Monday, May 01, 2017

A full capacity field of 144 players competed in the 2017 SCSBDGA Senior and Mid-Amateur Men's Championships in perfect weather at Caloundra Golf Club over the long weekend. Congratulations to all the winners.

District Mid-Amateur Champion Justin Shine (Toowoomba) 140 (-2)
District Senior Champion John Pyke 158 (+16)
Lower Mid Gross Winner Justin Shine (Toowoomba) 140
Nett Winner David Fahey (Redcliffe) 142
Gross Runner-up Gary Lengren (Caloundra) 144
Nett Runner-up Daniel Farnes (Redcliffe) 143
Day 1 Nett Winner Justin Shine
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Alan Grieve
Day 2 Nett Winner Michael Warry
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Nick Bilson
Upper Mid Gross Winner Alan Black 149
Nett Winner Greg Howell 141
Gross Runner-up David Calvert 151 c/b
Nett Runner-up Alan Grieve 142 c/b
Day 1 Nett Winner Alan Black
Day 1 Nett Runner-up David Duncan
Day 2 Nett Winner Wayne Stephens
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Alan Black
Senior Gross Winner John Pyke 158
Nett Winner Brad Jordison 146
Gross Runner-up Russell Dennis 161
Nett Runner-up Jeff Griffin 147 c/b
Day 1 Nett Winner Robert Russell
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Ian Barney
Day 2 Nett Winner Eric Hepburn
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Brad Jordison

District Mid-Amateur and Senior Championships - Results

SCSB District Golf - Monday, May 02, 2016
District Mid-Amateur Champion Dean Dunleavy (Redcliffe) 136 (-6)
District Senior Champion Wayne Hastie (Gympie) 152 (+10)
Lower Mid Gross Winner Dean Dunleavy (Redcliffe) 136
Nett Winner Shane Levesconte (Cal) 137
Gross Runner-up Ashley Grosvenor (Keperra) 143
Nett Runner-up Luke Plowman (Caloundra) 139
Day 1 Nett Winner David Carter (Beaudesert)
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Ross Snedden (Beaudesert)
Day 2 Nett Winner Shane Levesconte (Cal)
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Mat Walkenhorst (Headland)
Upper Mid Gross Winner Robert Martin (Lakelands) 142 (par)
Nett Winner Mark Blake (Helensvale) 136 (-6)
Gross Runner-up Brett Ritchie (Hervey Bay) 146 (+4)
Nett Runner-up Grant Lawlor (Caloundra) 140 (-2)
Day 1 Nett Winner Mark Blake (Helensvale)
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Grant Lawlor (Caloundra)
Day 2 Nett Winner Brett Ritchie (Hervey Bay)
Day 2 Nett Runner-up John Jewell (Ipswich)
Senior Gross Winner Wayne Hastie (Gympie) 152 (+10)
Nett Winner Ken Otte (Caloundra) 138 (-4)
Gross Runner-up Geoff Williamson (Beerwah) 153 (+11)
Nett Runner-up David Reid (Peregian Springs) 147 (+5)
Day 1 Nett Winner Ken Otte (Caloundra)
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Ian Barney (Windaroo)
Day 2 Nett Winner Ken Otte (Caloundra)
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Kevin Clues (Caloundra)
133 players

District Mid-Amateur and Senior Championships - Results

SCSB District Golf - Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 District Mid-Amateur Champion - Ashley Grosvenor (Keperra)

2015 District Senior Champion - Peter Hannah (Pelican Waters) 


 (ages 30 to 54)

Gross Winner
Ashley Grosvenor (Keperra)
65 (-3)
Nett Winner Mike Ruoso (Nambour) 66
Gross Runner-up Dean Dunlevy (Redcliffe) 69
Nett Runner-up Adam Preston (Nambour) 57 c/b


(ages 55+)

Gross Winner Peter Hannah (Pelican Waters) 70
Nett Winner Barry Lihou (Nambour) 66 c/b
Gross Runner-up Arthur Egan (Nambour) 74
Nett Runner-up Pat Mullaley (Nambour) 66


83 Players - 45 Mid-am and 38 Seniors.

NTP Prizes:

  • 2nd - C. Jones
  • 6th - G. Finn
  • 9th - P. Hannah
  • 10th - G. Meredith
  • 14th - S. Mitchell
  • 17th - K. Speares

Thanks to Nambour Golf Club for hosting this event. The course was very well presented and the players enjoyed your hospitality.


SCSB District Golf - Sunday, November 02, 2014

186 players from over 30 clubs across South-East Queensland took part in the 2014 SC&SBDGA District Championships at Horton Park Golf Club today.

2014 District Champion - Todd Balkin 

DIVISION 1 Open Champion Todd Balkin Tin Can Bay 71
Closed Champion Todd Balkin Tin Can Bay 71
Gross Runner-up Lucas Harris Beerwah 72 c/b
Nett Winner Lochie Coleborn Mt Coolum 72 c/b
Nett Runner-up Dylan Gardner Kilcoy 72
DIVISION 2 Gross Winner Sam Haines Peregian Springs 85 c/b
Gross Runner-up Chris Keating Horton Park 85
Nett Winner Lee Roach Twin Waters 66
Nett Runner-up James Dundas Kingaroy 71 c/b
MID-AMATEUR Gross Winner Chris Wilson Caloundra 73
Gross Runner-up Scott Mitchell Mt Coolum 74
Nett Winner Robert Parkes Horton Park 68
Nett Runner-up Peter Box Horton Park 70
SENIOR Gross Winner Bill Oster Headland 75
Gross Runner-up Trevor Box Windaroo 76
Nett Winner Warren Bowen Horton Park 67
Nett Runner-up John Hayward Horton Park 69 c/b

An incredible 3 HOLES-IN-ONE were scored on the short 17th hole by Stephen Maybury, Lucas Harris and Col Duraud.

Congratulations to all the winners.