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SCSB District Golf - Sunday, April 24, 2016

Today was the culmination of another huge pennant season. A new record of 377 players across four grades participated in 2016 Sunshine Coast Golf Zone pennant this year. That’s a massive commitment of people and resources to get the teams on the course each week.

It takes a huge amount of planning and organisation behind the scenes for Pennants to run successfully:

  • Fellow SCGZ committee members, President Dallas Furner and Secretary-Treasurer Paul Downman have contributed their advice and experience throughout the season.
  • The Club Secretary-Managers, Golf Managers and Pro Shops always provide constructive feedback, support and assistance.
  • The Team Captains and Managers orgainise their teams each and every week.
  • The Mums and Dads drive the Juniors around the Coast in this first season with girls participating.
  • All the caddies deserve a mention too. It can be a thankless and frustrating job, but by being out there you make it easier for your player. The players appreciate your efforts.
  • Finally, thank you to all you players. Without you, there wouldn't be a Pennant competition on the Sunshine Coast.

We congratulate the following players for their individual successes within their teams during the 2016. The 2016 Pennant Players of the Year are:

A GRADE MAT WALKENHORST (Headland) TJ King (Mt Coolum)
Zac Quirk (Mt Coolum)


(joint winners)

GERRY LYNCH (Maroochy River) Chris Elliott (TCB)
MASTERS JEFF GRIFFIN (Caloundra) Ken Speare (Nambour
Peter Perrett (Headland)
JUNIORS JOSH HOLBROOK (Headland 1) Will Rothwell (Noosa)

Finally, to help with making improvements, the Zone Committee will once again conduct a Survey via Sunshine Coast Golf website to ensure we are getting the right mix to serve the future good of the game.

Scott Mayes  (SCGZ Director of Golf)


SCSB District Golf - Friday, April 01, 2016

Headland Golf Club’s, Ryley Martin, shot two fabulous rounds of 4 under par 68 to finish on 8 under par 136 and win the 2016 Tate Professional Engineers Sunshine Coast Men’s Open Amateur Championship at Headland Golf Club.

Ryley won by 3 shots from Maroochy River’s Shae Wools-Cobb, and a further 3 shots from defending champion Charlie Dann (Pelican Waters) and Ashley Grosvenor (Keperra).

A full field of 216 contested the annual Easter event with a quality field of more than 70 players on a handicap of 3 or below.



Cooroy Men's Open - 2015 Results

SCSB District Golf - Monday, June 29, 2015

Open Champion: Ashley Grosvener (68) (Keperra)
Open Net Winner: Andy Stewart (66) (Cooroy)
A Grade Gross: Jake Crowther (71) (Nambour)
Runner Up: Ian Moore (75 ocb) (Headland)
A Grade Nett: Geoff Skinner (67) (Toowoomba)
Runner Up: Peter Jeucken (68) (Cooroy)
B Grade Gross: Tony Gordon (81) (Cooroy)
Runner Up: Graeme Finn (89) (Cooroy)
B Grade Nett: Rob Sirrett (68) (Cooroy)
Runner Up: Satish Chandra (69) (Nambour)
C Grade Gross: George Giblett (92ocb) (Cooroy)
Runner Up: Tony Foster (92) (Cooroy)
C Grade Nett: Scott Bieske (68) (Cooroy)
Runner Up: Des Mitchell (70) ( Toowoomba)

4 - Brad Ward
6 - Dave Cush
7 - Des Mitchell
10 - Satish Chandra
12 - Grathan Leatherbarrow

Pro Pin - Rex Williams

9 - Tony Gordon
17 - Nathan Collins

Congratulations to all!!

2015 Sunshine Coast Mid-Amateur Championship - Results

SCSB District Golf - Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Caloundra Golf Club - 7th & 8th June 2015.

2015 Sunshine Coast Mid-Amateur Champion - Ashley Grosvenor (Keperra)

 Lower Mid-Amateur

 (ages 30 to 44)

Gross Winner
Ashley Grosvenor (Keperra)
Nett Winner Jeremy Gilbert (Sanctuary Cove) 141
Gross Runner-up Mark Wuesrsching (Toowoomba) 145
Nett Runner-up Lindsay Ross (Robina Woods) 144
Day 1 Nett Winner Lindsay Ross (Robina Woods) 70
Day 1 Nett Runner-up David Schwartz (Nudgee) 71
Day 2 Nett Winner Jeremy Gilbert (Sanctuary Cove) 68
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Wayne Joshua (Caloundra) 71

Upper Mid-Amateur

(ages 45 to 54)

Gross Winner Peter Wouters (Caloundra) 148
Nett Winner Lee Tickner (Bribie Island) 140
Gross Runner-up Scott Mayo (Coolangatta Tweed) 154
Nett Runner-up Scott Mayes (Mt Coolum) 143
Day 1 Nett Winner Lee Tickner (Bribie Island) 68
Day 1 Nett Runner-up Michael Berry (Caloundra) 69
Day 2 Nett Winner Phillip Mounter (Carbrook) 69
Day 2 Nett Runner-up Lee Tickner (Bribie Island) 73


Congratulations to the recipients of the prizes for the NTPs and pro pins.


SCSB District Golf - Sunday, May 17, 2015


Todd Balkin  1 UP David Rattray
TJ King 1 UP Ryley Martin
Scott Mitchell (c) 2&1 Mat Walkenhorst
Tiann Scheepers 6&4 Adam Rydwanski
Stephan Scheepers 2&1 Dean Tipping
Zac Quirk 4&3 Aaron Shaw (c)
Nigel Smyly  5&4 Sean McGill






A GRADE Player of the Year - T.J. King (Mt Coolum).


6 Paul Higgs  3&2 Chris Thomas 3
6 Ged Callagher 4&3 Tim O'Keefe 4
8 Nathan Collins 2 UP Matt Prince (c) 7
11 Jamie Franklin 4&3 Wayne Hutcheson 10
11 Brendan Cassidy 4&3 Sean Hanna 10
13 Scott Mayes  1 UP Brad Downes 13
14 Kurt Tehliwec  19th Dean Jones 14






B GRADE Player of the Year - David Butler (Peregian Springs).


4 Bill Oster 4&3 Chuck Dahl 7
5 Ken Anderson 3&2 Russell Bennett 8
5 Ian Moore 1 UP Mark Hilton 9
9 Merv Lum 6&5 Andrew Tregaskis 10
13 Burgess Stephenson 6&4 GaryKroeger 14
14 David Munns 5&4 Andy Merlino 14
18 Brent Dalby  2&1 Steve Alexander 18






MASTERS Player of the Year - Marc Bright (Cooroy).


6 Will Sutherland 2&1 Josh Taylor 12
9 R.J. Colonel 2&1 Mickey Schimak-Orrell 16
14 Jesse Price-Connolly  A/S A/S Jordan Speare 21
15 Ben Duncombe 5&4 Bailey Murchie 22
23 Tyler Quail 6&5 Brad Paine 22





JUNIORS Player of the Year - Josh Taylor (Nambour).

Sunshine Coast Men's Open Amateur Championship - Results

SCSB District Golf - Sunday, April 05, 2015

Charlie Dann (Pelican Waters) has won the 2015 Sunshine Coast Men's Open Amateur Championship with a great second round of 6 under par (66) to finish on 6-under after 36 holes and win by a single shot from Christopher Crabtree (also Pelican Waters) & Mat Walkenhorst (Headland) in what was a thrilling final round.

2015 SC Easter Open Champion - Charlie Dann

36 Hole Trophies   Winner Score
 DIV 1 (3 & UNDER)
Open Champion Charlie Dann (Pelican Waters) 72+66=138
Gross 2nd Chris Crabtree (Pelican Waters) 71+68=139c/b
Gross 3rd Mat Walkenhorst (Headland) 70+69=139
Nett Winner Scott Walker (Headland) 140
Nett 2nd Scott Mitchell (Mt Coolum) 143 c/b
Nett 3rd Christopher Jiminex (Royal Qld) 143
DIV 2 (4 to 10) Gross Winner Sean McGill (Headland) 72+72=144
Gross 2nd Luke Parker (Mt Coolum) 151
Gross 3rd Lindsay Ross (Robina Woods) 153 c/b
Nett Winner Peter Folker (Headland) 137
Nett 2nd Darren MacLeod (Headland) 140 c/b
Nett 3rd James Brownsworth (Headland) 140
DIV 3 (11 to 18) Gross Winner Kane Jongeling (North Lakes  88+81=169
Gross 2nd Grant Martyn (Headland)  169 c/b
Gross 3rd Pat Glover (Coolangatta Tweed)  169
Nett Winner Scott Mayes (Mt Coolum)  69+71=140
Nett 2nd Lindsay Parchert (Headland)  141 c/b
Nett 3rd Brad Alexander (Goomeri) 141

2014 Horton Park Men's Open - Results

SCSB District Golf - Tuesday, December 02, 2014

160 Players from 18 clubs:

Open Winner James Macklin Nudgee 69
Open Runner Up Kris O’Sullivan Royal Qld 70
A Grade Nett Winner David Fahey Horton Park 69 ocb
A Grade Nett Runner-up Peter Simpson Horton Park 69
B Grade Gross Winner Mark West Horton Park 79
B Grade Gross Runner-up Peter Murdoch Horton Park 81
B Grade Nett Winner Luke Wiggins Horton Park 69
B Grade Nett Runner-up Brendan Cassidy Mt Coolum 70
C Grade Gross Winner Ray Myers Horton Park 92
C Grade Gross Runner-up Kim Harvey Horton Park 93 ocb
C Grade Nett Winner Bruce Campbell Horton Park 70
C Grade Nett Runner-up Les Wheeler Horton Park 72 ocb
Masters Best Gross Lance Harman Horton Park 76
Masters Best Nett Peter Murdoch Horton Park 64
Hole 1 Kris O’Sullivan Royal Qld
Hole 4 Jay Stuurop Horton Park
Hole 7 Jason Montague Horton Park
Hole 16 Alex Bottrell Oxley
Hole 17 Jake Crowther Horton Park
Ball Rundown 75 c/b


SCSB District Golf - Monday, November 24, 2014

After a rich history going back 77 years, Tewantin Noosa Golf Club will now be known as

Noosa Golf Club

Building on the Club’s successful growth over the last 2 years which has seen membership increase by 9.6% and playing visitors by 7.7%, the Club is taking this bold move to associate more closely with the Noosa brand and further attract more local members and interstate and international visitors.

Launching the new name at their Presentation Night on Saturday 22 November, Club President, Arlene Penlington said “Along with our new name, we will have a whole new look – new logo, new colours and new signage at our clubhouse in Cooroy Noosa Road.   The history of the Club won’t be lost”, she added, “All our historic honour boards and records will remain as they are”.

“At a time when some golf clubs are fighting simply to survive, we are continuing to grow and see this exciting development as another step in the evolution of our great Club”.


2014 Town of Nambour Open - Results

SCSB District Golf - Sunday, October 26, 2014
Event Place Golfer Score
Open 36 Hole Gross Winner Shae Wools-Cobb 140p/off
Open 36 Hole Gross Runner Up Scott Mitchell 140
Open 36 Hole Nett Winner Phil Stowe 130
Open 36 Hole Nett Runner Up Barry Lihou 130
Junior 36 Hole Gross Winner Jordan Speare 176
A Grade 36 Hole Gross Winner Aaron Shaw 142
A Grade 36 Hole Gross Runner Up Morgan Black 142
B Grade 36 Hole Gross Winner Michael Walker 161
B Grade 36 Hole Gross Runner Up Ken J Martin 163
C Grade 36 Hole Gross Winner Jordan Speare 176
C Grade 36 Hole Gross Runner Up Mikko Puro 178
Seniors 36 Hole Gross Winner Peter Black 149
Junior 36 Hole Nett Winner Bailey Murchie 140
A Grade 36 Hole Nett Winner Mike Peall 136
A Grade 36 Hole Nett Runner Up Sam Talanoa 136
B Grade 36 Hole Nett Winner Darren Bennett 131
B Grade 36 Hole Nett Runner Up Scott Boshammer 132
C Grade 36 Hole Nett Winner Russell Horrocks 132
C Grade 36 Hole Nett Runner Up Dave Niesler 137
Seniors 36 Hole Nett Winner Sam Glenn 133
A Grade 1st 18 Hole Gross Winner Daniel Farnes 71
B Grade 1st 18 Hole Gross Winner Scott Knight 79
C Grade 1st 18 Hole Gross Winner Joe Haisty  87
A Grade 1st 18 Hole Nett Winner Arre Puolakka 66
B Grade 1st 18 Hole Nett Winner Mick Roberts 65
C Grade 1st 18 Hole Nett Winner Geoff Reid 66
A Grade 2nd 18 Hole Gross Winner Alan Miles 71
B Grade 2nd 18 Hole Gross Winner Frank Langford 80
C Grade 2nd 18 Hole Gross Winner Viv Lawson 88
A Grade 2nd 18 Hole Nett Winner Dave Schultz 67
B Grade 2nd 18 Hole Nett Winner Joseph Mbye 64
C Grade 2nd 18 Hole Nett Winner Owen Noffke 64

Mt Coolum Junior Open - 2014 Results

SCSB District Golf - Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Junior Open Champion T.J. King 73
Overall Best Nett Jessie Price-Connelly 67
Division 1 Best Gross Josh Pedder 75
Division 1 Gross R-up James Cincotta 78 c/b
Division 1 Best Nett Jacob Lawson 74
Division 2 Best Gross Jared Barr 81
Division 2 Gross R-up Ferghas McCosh 81 c/b
Division 2 Best Nett Hee-Hang Winston 68
Division 3 Best Gross Wilson Foster 95
Division 3 Gross R-up Yevin Samaratne 96
Division 3 Best Nett Bailey Murchie 75
Girls Best Gross Joy Mannix 79
Girls Gross R-up Hsuan Chen 80
Girls Best Nett Cassie Porter 70