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Adam Scott’s return to live golf… via Instagram

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Two weeks after the 14-time PGA TOUR winner sent the Sunshine Coast into a frenzy by popping in to play at Maleny Golf Club in the hinterland, Scott has agreed to a return visit that will be broadcast to the world.

Scott and long-time friend, PGA Professional and Maleny General Manager Wayne Perske will face off at the picturesque 18-hole layout from 8am on Friday morning, Perske joking that he might need a five-shot handicap to keep pace with the 2013 Masters champion. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic making crowd attendance impossible, Scott’s Maleny match will be shown via his Instagram account (@adamscottofficial) and give Aussie golf fans a rare opportunity to watch live golf featuring one of our very best.

“He came up on Tuesday with his dad for a game and asked whether we could do an Instagram Live match on the back nine on Friday morning,” said Perske, a former winner on the Japan Golf Tour. “I’m thinking there’ll be quite a few people logging on to watch and I’m sure it will end up on YouTube afterwards. “I don’t know why he chose me but it’s going to be pretty cool.

“We used to play in a few amateur events together but I was 20 and he was 15 at the time. He’ll say that I beat him a few times but that’s probably what a 20-year-old should do to a 15-year-old.” As he was playing his second round at Maleny on Tuesday, Scott received national recognition for a story by renowned journalist Roy Masters in the Sydney Morning Herald that proclaimed the Queenslander as the winner of the “lockdown act of kindness” award. Ross Campbell’s daughter Leigh reached out to Scott as her father – suffering with seven brain tumours – believes that he and Adam are best mates and regularly play together at Riverside Oaks in Sydney’s north-west.

Given their relationship, Ross was not at all surprised by Adam’s phone call but for his wife, Pam, it was a moment in time that she will cherish forever. “Many high-profile athletes must get so many requests to put themselves out, yet Adam responded to my daughter’s request straight away,” Pam told the Sydney Morning Herald. “The video he sent also shows him practising putting and Ross can watch it any time he feels inclined.” Wayne Perske has seen it many times before.

Upon his return to Australia last month Scott reached out to Perske and Caloundra Golf Club PGA Professional Tom Arnott asking in what ways he could help. Perske suggested the publicity generated by a visit to the club would do wonders; Arnott had to politely decline when Scott offered to come and help clean golf carts due to a shortage of staff. “That’s the kind of stuff Adam does all the time and most of the time no one ever finds out about it,” adds Perske.

“The lady obviously wanted to give him some credit for what he did but he doesn’t do it for any fanfare or accolades. “A bloke saw that I played with Adam the other day. He sent a message asking whether I could ask Adam to send a video message to his 9-year-old son who just idolises Adam. “He didn’t hesitate. He spent 30 seconds wishing the kid a happy birthday, thanking him for his support and encouraging him to keep practising. “He does that stuff all the time without batting an eyelid.”

A portrait of Scott by Perske’s wife Vanessa that was entered into the 2014 Archibald Prize hangs in the modest clubhouse at Maleny and now also boasts the autograph of the subject.

When he played two weeks ago Scott hit a soaring 2-iron 268 metres from the 10th tee to the 12th green that landed within eight inches of the hole, leaving those who witnessed it with a story to tell every time they step onto that tee box.

Article from PGA Australia - Tony Webeck