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Mixed Foursomes Championships - Results

SCSB District Golf - Monday, November 05, 2012
108 players from 12 clubs particpated in the combined 2012 Glasshouse Mountain and Sunshine Coast Mixed Foursomes Championships.
GROSS CHAMPIONS Hollie Sinclair Beerwah 110
Joel Boorer (6) Beerwah
NETT CHAMPIONS Delma Cagney Caloundra 100
Frank Cagney Caloundra
GROSS RUNNERS-UP Debbie MacAulay Horton Park 115
Charlie McGill Horton Park
NETT RUNNERS-UP Joy Host Caloundra 101.5
Robert Flores Caloundra
GROSS 3rd PLACE Kimberley Crawley Horton Park 117 c/b
Justin Hagen Horton Park
NETT 3rd PLACE Jenny Lane Caloundra 101.75
Chris Shenton Caloundra
18 HOLE - BEST GROSS Faye Payne Caloundra 77
Peter Wouters Caloundra
18 HOLE - BEST NETT Anna George Beerwah 67
Tony George Beerwah
18 HOLE - 2nd GROSS Karen Kemp Caloundra
Phillip Stephens Caloundra
18 HOLE - 2nd NETT Joan Bruce Caloundra
Allan Bruce Caloundra
Nearest The Pin - Hole 2 Hollie Sinclair Beerwah
Nearest The Pin - Hole 6 Jenny Lane Caloundra
Nearest The Pin - Hole 9 Robert Flores Caloundra
Nearest The Pin - Hole 11 Russell Tillyer
Nearest The Pin - Hole 15 Peter Wouters Caloundra